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Dog Bites

Over 4 million people in the United States are bitten by dogs every year, and one out of six bites are serious enough to require medical treatment. Dog owners are legally responsible for the injuries that are caused by dog attacks and bites. In Arkansas a dog owner can be held liable for negligently failing to keep control of the dog. Typically, the dog owner failed to keep the dog leashed, fenced, or penned. Most Arkansas cities have a mandatory leash law that allows a dog bite victim to use the violation of the statute as evidence of negligence. A dog bite victim can also hold the owner strictly liable if the dog is a vicious breed (such as a pit bull) or the dog had a propensity for violent or aggressive behavior.

Most times the dog owner's homeowner's insurance will provide coverage for the injuries sustained. One common question that people ask when a dog of a friend or neighbor bites them is "Will I have to sue them?" Most of the time suit will not be necessary if an experienced dog bite attorney handles your claim. It will be necessary to provide the insurance company with all relevant facts showing the liability of the dog owner as well as the damages incurred so that a fair and reasonable settlement can occur. Under Arkansas law there is a limited amount of time to file a claim for dog bites, so call today for a personal no-obligation consultation to discuss your rights and learn how you can recover fair and reasonable compensation for your injuries and losses.

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